Stages Of Sleep

Stages Of Sleep

Obviously, being suffocated many times per hour will result in a less that restful night of sleep. There are four main stages of sleep.

  • Stage one- Transition sleep: This should account for roughly 5% of total sleep time
  • Stage two- Light Sleep: This should account for about 45% of total sleep time
  • Stage Three-Deep Sleep: This is when he body heals itself and performs many important reparative functions. Ideally, this should account for 25% of total sleep time. People who have a lack of deep sleep tend to be physically tired and notice more general pain.
  • REM- Rapid Eye Movement (REM sleep): This is where most of your memorable dreaming comes from. It should account for about 25% of your sleep time. People that have a lack of REM sleep tend to feel mentally tired and have a difficult time concentrating.

It is crucial that we get the necessary amount of deep sleep and REM sleep so that we can live happy, healthy lives. We can help you reach this goal. Contact our office today. 262-970-0111

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