Tooth Replacement Options

Replace Your Missing Teeth

Looking and feeling good about yourself is important to all of us. Self-esteem and self-confidence are part of a healthy and attractive smile. We are judged by our smile in social situations and first impressions are critical. When teeth are missing it may be difficult to chew, speak and smile and can have an enormous social impact as well.

Teeth work together; back teeth chew and grind food while the front teeth are designed to bite and assist in speech. Requiring the front teeth to chew or the back to bite food into smaller pieces will result in heavy stress to the bone support and wear or fracture of the teeth involved. Many times more teeth are lost as a consequence.

There are several options to consider when replacing missing teeth. Today’s choices are, dental implants, a fixed bridge, a removable partial denture, and complete dentures. Choosing the right replacement option is important and can vary considerably in cost and function. I am happy to discuss the various options with you specific to your needs. Together we can restore your smile for years to come and still stay within your budget.

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